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The Baxter State Park Authority encourages winter use of the Park; but is vitally concerned with the safety of winter visitors. Users of the Park in the winter must comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Park. Particular reference is made to Rule #2, which provides:


Use of the Park during the winter season is limited to those activities which are expressly authorized by these Regulations or are other-wise expressly permitted by the Authority in writing. No camping, climbing or mountain hiking is permitted during the winter season except with a special use permit from the Director. Special use permits may be granted by the Director only to applicants which the Director determines are adequately equipped and competent for the particular undertaking and upon such terms and conditions as the Director determines are necessary for human safety and the protection of the Park. Applications must be received at Park Headquarters in Millinocket at least two weeks in advance."

The following explanatory statement of Rule #2 and recommendations for winter visitors shall apply to the official winter season, from December 1st to April 1st, annually.


1. Winter camping, technical climbing, and alpine skiing in Baxter State Park are permitted only upon receipt of a special use permit granted by the Director.
2. The leader of each winter party must request a special use permit a minimum of two weeks in advance from the Park Director by writing the Reservation Clerk at Park Headquarters in Millinocket, Maine. (Four weeks is recommended for processing time and to avoid time conflicts with other parties.)
3. All winter party applications will need 2 alternate assistant leaders in case of cancellation. Applications which do not designate 2 assistant leaders will not be accepted.
4. Camping is permitted only in designated campgrounds and campsites approved in advance as part of the normal reservation procedure. All persons are required to register upon arrival at Chimney Pond.
5. All winter campers going to Chimney Pond will be required to stay at Roaring Brook the first night.
6. A minimum of four persons per party is required.
7. Late Alpine and off-road party join-ups or substitutions are not permitted unless all of the following conditions are met.
  • All applications have been submitted, received and approved at the Millinocket Headquarters (7) days in advance of the first scheduled day of the trip.
  • Party size is 4 or more persons.
  • Two or more members of the party must meet and accompany a join-up or late arrival at the Park boundary or trailhead.
8. A Park official may inspect equipment and supplies prior to the start of the trip. Parties not adequately equipped and competent for their intended undertaking may be delayed or refused permission to use the Park.
9. All parties shall be on the trail in time to get to their camping areas before dark. NOTE #5 above, regarding Chimney Pond reservations.
10. The Park Director reserves the right to refuse permission for proposed winter use activities by a party when necessary, in his judgment, for reasons of human safety or the protection of the Park.

Baxter State Park
64 Balsam Drive
Millinocket, Me. 04462
(207) 723-5140

Baxter State Park - Baxter State Park is in the heart of Maine, with Mt. Katahdin as its crown jewel. Hiking, climbing and other recreational activities await you in Baxter State Park.

Winter Rules - The Baxter State Park Authority has developed a set of procedures and guidelines for winter use in an effort to assist Park users in planning trips to Baxter State Park, to promote safety of all persons using the Park and to protect the Baxter State Park Authority and its staff from unnecessary search and rescue efforts.

Day Use Regulations - No special permission is required for day use below tree line. However, in the interest of public safety we strongly discourage people from traveling alone in the winter; party size of at least 2 is strongly recommended, 3 or 4 is better! Day users are requested to check in and out at Park gates, volunteer registration points or Park Headquarters, by phone if more convenient. This is for the safety of users in the event of an accident or emergency and helps us keep statistics on Park use.

Technical Climbing - Get the latest in rules and regulations before you head out on a climb.

Winter Camping Regulations - Camping in the winter is not for everyone, so check this page before you venture out to the Park for a winter camping adventure.

Administrative Procedures Governing Winter Activities - The Baxter State Park Authority encourages winter use of the Park; but is vitally concerned with the safety of winter visitors. Users of the Park in the winter must comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Park.

Recommendations For Winter Visitors - Food, not clothing, is the source of your heat, so a diet high in carbohydrates, along with some fats, is recommended. Dry foods, such as pasta, rice and powdered potatoes, cheeses, and freeze dried meals are good choices because of their light weight.

Alpine Skiing Regulations - Get the latest in rules and regulations before you head out on a climb.

Day Use Hiking Guide - Those of us who work for Baxter State Park cherish the land we manage and hope you will strive to respect both the land and its inhabitants during your visit here.

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