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Trapping Seasons

Bear (2 trap limit)-First Day Sept. 24-Last Day Oct. 31
Bobcat, Coyote(1), Fisher, Fox (1), Marten (2), Raccoon, Red Squirrel, Skunk, Weasel, Mink, Muskrat (3), Otter (4), Opossum-STATEWIDE-Oct. 29 - Dec. 31, 1995
WMU 1, 2*, 3, & 5-Dec. 1-Mar. 31
WMU 4*, 6, & 7-Dec. 15-Feb. 28
WMU 8-Jan. 1-Feb. 28
There is no open trapping season on any species of animal which is not listed in the above chart.

  1. See section on special Fox and Coyote Trapping Season.
  2. The harvest of marten will be limited to 25 marten per trapper statewide.
  3. In addition to the regular muskrat trapping season, muskrats may be trapped during the beaver trapping season only in areas which are open to beaver trapping.
  4. Licensed trappers may lawfully possess any otter taken by accident in a legal beaver or muskrat set.
  5. Beaver trapping seasons are set by wildlife management unit. A complete list of areas closed to the trapping of beaver is available upon request.
*Portions of WMU's 2 & 4 have been opened under special regulations-please refer to Trapper Information Book for more information.

SPECIAL FOX & COYOTE TRAPPING SEASON (STATEWIDE*) During the special season (Oct. 22-Oct. 28,1995) it is unlawful to take or possess any furbearing animal other than fox, coyote, raccoon, skunk and opossum. Any raccoon, skunk or opossum taken incidental to fox and coyote trapping may be lawfully possessed). Any other furbearing animal caught incidentally in a fox or coyote set must be immediately released alive, or, if found dead in the trap, must be reported to a game warden as soon as possible and prior to removal of the animal from the trap and trap site location. Any such incidental catch found dead in the trap must be turned over to an agent of the Commissioner within 48 hours from the time it was discovered. During this special season, in addition to Department rules and State laws which affect trapping in general, the following restrictions apply:
a. All traps must be set at or below ground level.
b. Killer-type traps are prohibited.
c. Traps may not be set in the water.
d. The use of exposed bait or visible attractor at any trap site location is prohibited.
*In WMU's 1 and 2, there shall be a special fox, coyote and muskrat trapping season (Oct. 22-Oct. 28). All regulations above apply with the following exceptions.

a. All traps must be set at or below ground or water level.
b. Killer-type traps may be used for muskrat trapping and must have a jaw spread no greater than 5 inches.
c. The maximum foothold trap size for muskrat sets shall be No. 1-1/2 during this special season.
d. The use of exposed bait or visible attractor at any trap site location is prohibited.
Any raccoon, skunk, opossum or mink taken incidental to muskrat trapping may be lawfully possessed.

It is the intent of the Department to revoke the trapping license of any person convicted of a violation of any provision in this section.

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