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Snowmobile Clubs of Northern Maine

Northern Maine Is
The Premier Snowmobile Region

Northern Maine snowmobile trails have been referred to as our best kept secret. The March 1993 issue of Snow Goer Magazine rated Aroostook County Trail riding the highest in New England and the third highest in the North American snowbelt. The Northern Maine Snowmobile clubs and the Association of Aroostook Chambers of Commerce have prepared this information to assist you in enjoying what Northern Maine has to offer. These clubs maintain the trails on income from club fees and contributions from citizens who ride the trails. If you would like to be a contributor, please make checks payable to the club of your choice and mail it to the Association of Aroostook Chambers of Commerce, P.O. Box 672 Presque Isle, Me 04769. The local clubs thank you and appreciate your contributions to their efforts. Below, you will find a list of all the area snowmobile clubs. These people are responsible for the grooming and maintanence of the entire trail system in Northern Maine. While you are in the area, please obey all of the posted signs, and any special rules set forth by these clubs. There are club houses all along the trails, available to active members as well as anybody in need. If you should happen to use one of these sites, please leave it as you found it. This will assure that it will be available for the next sledding party who may be in need. Thank you from the Northern Maine snowmobile clubs and the web site author.

Aroostook River Snowmobile Club Presque Isle, Maine
Ashland Snowmobile Club Ashland, Maine
Benedicta Snow Gang Benedicts, Maine
Black Lake Snowsledders Fort Kent, Maine
Blaine Beltburners Blaine, Maine
Bowlin - Matagamon Snowmobile Club Patten, Maine
Caribou Snowmobile Club Caribou, Maine
Carter Brook Sno-Birds Fort Kent, Maine
Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club Mars Hill, Maine
Chapman Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club Mapleton, Maine
Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club Grand Isle, Maine
Eagle Lake Winter Riders Snowmobile Club Eagle Lake, Maine
East Branch Sno Rovers Snowmobile Club East Millinocket, Maine
East Grand Snowmobile Club Danforth, Maine
Easton Trail Breakers Easton, Maine
E-Ville Riders Snowmobile ClubElliottsville Twp, Maine
Fairfield Country Riders Fairfield, Maine
Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club Fort Fairfield, Maine
Frenchville Snowmobile Club Frenchville, Maine
Frontier Snowmobile Club Fort Kent, Maine
Gateway Snowmobile Club Van Buren, Maine
Limestone Snow Hawks Snowmobile Club Limestone, Maine
Linneus Sno Sports Snowmobile Club Houlton, Maine
Madawaska Snowmobile Club Madawaska, Maine
Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snowmobile Club Monticello, Maine
Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters Sherman Mills, Maine
Moose Town Riders Snowmobile Club Allagash,Maine
Nordic Lakers Snowmobile Club Stockholm, Maine
Northern Timber Cruisers Millinocket, Maine
Oxbow - Masardis Snowmobile Club Oxbow, Maine
Portage Lakers Snowmobile Club Portage, Maine
Presque Isle Snowmobile Club Presque Isle, Maine
Red Arrow Snowmobile Club St. Agatha, Maine
Rockabema Snow Rangers Snowmobile Club Patten, Maine
Sly Brook Sno Riders Snowmobile Club Soldier Pond, Maine
Smoki Haulers Snowmobile Club Oakfield, Maine
Sno Hawgs Snowmobile Club Eagle Lake, Maine
Sno Rovers Houlton, Maine
Snow Angels Snowmobile Club St. Francis, Maine
Snow Bird Trails Snowmobile Club Fort Kent, Maine
Swift Brook Riders Sherman Station, Maine
Valley Sno Riders Snowmobile Club Fort Kent, Maine
Walker Siding Swampers Snowmobile Club Mapleton, Maine
Washburn Trail Runners Washburn, Maine

Supporting Snowmobile Businesses

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