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There are three primary skiing resorts in the northern part of the state. The largest is Big Rock of Mars Hill. This mountain has been upgraded in the last few years to include such things as snow making capabilities and it's first chair lift. The pummel lifts have served the mountain well over the years, and are still in use today as a secondary way to reach the trails. The management had a desire to see this become one of Northern Maine's largest attractions in the coming years. There are a total of 12 trails on the mountain, and they are well groomed.

The second one is Quoggy Jo Ski Centre between Presque Isle and Fort Fairfield. This was started as the Quoggy Jo Ski Club in 1937 on Quoggy Jo Mountain located in Aroostook State Park by local families. Their aim was to provide a community ski facility for children and families. The present location on the Fort Fairfield Road in Presque Isle was established in 1959 by dedicated business leaders and volunteers. Quoggy Jo Centre offers 8 trails with 175 feet of vertical elevation and a 600 foot tow rope. The trails are designed for beginner and intermediate skiers. Depending on conditions, the slopes will be open from January 13, 1996 thru March 4, 1996

The third is the Lonesome Pines Trails in Fort Kent Maine. Within walking distance of downtown Fort Kent, Lonesome Pines Trails offers 13 well groomed trails for both Alpine and Nordic Skiing as well as snowboarding. Both skiers and boarders can enjoy the scenic international view of Canada, the St. John River Valley and the town of Fort Kent as they ski down the mountain.

Also very much prevelent in the area is Cross Country Skiing. From Millinockett to Fort Kent, there are trails to take you anywhere you would like to go. On these trails you will meet some of the friendliest people in the area. Bring your cross country ski's, or rent them in the area, and find out why many people consider this to be the winter sport.

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