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Northern Maine Snowmobile Trail Report
Snowmobile Northern Maine
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GPS Article

ITS92 Allagash to Escourt Station


The Official Snowmobile Trail Report
From the desk of: Gary Marquis
Caribou Parks & Recreation Department
55 Bennett Dr.
Caribou, Me. 04736

Aroostook County ITS Trail

These past few days have certainly not hurt the trails to awfully bad, but the next day or so in the 40s will help to deteriorate what we have. Friday’s temps look to be pretty cold and then the weekend looks like it will be warm again and now looking at 50’s for the next week coming.

From last weeks thaw signs and markers have started to fall, please keep this in mind as we are into spring riding conditions. Trails that have a Southern exposure are certainly the thinnest with respects to snow. Wooded sections that have a lot of wet areas are starting to break up.

Something that needs to be considered is areas that have businesses in their respected towns are starting to really get thin and snowmobilers are driving across lawns, driveways, or other parts of people’s properties that they do not want snowmobilers. Please keep this in mind when trying to get to businesses.

Soldier Pond is reporting that they groomed everything on Tuesday. Trail 96 is in good shape with a few rollers. 73 is good to Eagle lake up to the plowed road, the road is down to dirt. They will attempt to get out before the weekend.

Washburn Snowmobile club reporting 83 South of the Clubhouse is getting thin with ice spots and a few dirt spots. There is a small water spot on 83/105 near the clubhouse it is marked. 83N and 105N are in good shape and will continue to groom as weather allows.

Portage Lakers have been over everything and plan to go out a few more times before the weekend. Conditions will likely deteriorate quickly.

Caribou is reporting good conditions. 90W will no longer be groomed, it is still passable. Arrows and field markers are starting to fall so please ride with caution. Access to First Choice market will no longer be available as the dirt road/driveway is getting torn up. Please find an alternate place for gas. If sledders are going to the Par and Grill, we are asking you to stay on Route 89 and not access through the housing lawns and yards that is before the Par and Grill.

Fort Kent is reporting good conditions. 73B has not been groomed as there is a lot of dirt showing.

Eagle Lake is reporting that they groomed 85S and 120 on Wednesday night.

Fort Fairfield is reporting they have been over everything and still decent but with the temps this weekend they will go downhill quickly.

St. Francis Sno-Angels have groomed Sunday night and did the Railbed twice........lots of traffic!  Some dirt in places, but still good shape!!!! Will be going back out to do ITS92 from lodge to Chamberlain Store, down the Railbed and onto Carter Brook for the last time. weekend menu, Lasagna, Chef Salad, Buns and Sweets!!!!    Members $10.00. Non-Members $12.00

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club is reporting they have groomed their system on Sunday and Monday. The wooded sections of ITS 81 are starting to show dirt. ITS 83 is in very good shape South of Mars Hill and North is Fair. Planning on doing ITS 83 on Thursday or Friday night depending on Temps.

Ashland is reporting that all trails remain open. They have not been south on 85 for a week, still passable. 71A remains in good shape, a section of plowed road will not be very good after next weeks temps, also the river crossing will be unsafe.

Allagash is reporting that they are still out and in good shape.

Frenchville is reporting that all trails are open and trails all groomed. They have picked many markers, but the intersection signs and safety signs are still up.

Red Arrow is reporting that they have been out. 96 going towards Sly Brook is done for the season. ITS 83 is in good rideable condition, the worst section is near St. Peters store, also the section around the fencing before the Madawaska turnaround is thin to bare. 96E to Martin’s Store is good and towards the Sporting Club until the last 2 miles. 81B is good except for the tops of the Knowles. Motor inn trail is in ok condition. They will be out until Saturday night if the temps get cold.

Chapman Ridge is still grooming and in good shape.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club reporting that everything is still open. They have not groomed ITS 88 from the intersection of 105 towards Ashland. Too much dirt to groom but is still rideable. They are grooming on an as needed basis.

Easton is reporting that all their trails are in good condition.

Madawaska is reporting they are up and grooming, no trail closures and conditions are good. Fields are getting a little bare but no water or big issues.

Grand Isle is reporting that they will be out Friday night.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club groomed first of the week. Will try to get out tomorrow.

Van Buren is reporting they will be grooming 105 and 81 N. They will get out and groom 81S tomorrow night.

Limestone Snow Hawks Groomed 89 100a and the runway, 89 is rough and nothing I can do with it as to the blades were digging in the dirt, 100a is holding up decent and the runway is getting thin also 81 in the woods by the orange sign was almost all dirt last weekend I went over it four times hauling snow in from the fields down onto it and the border trail is dirt on the hill tops an water is starting to run under the I'd say by the middle of next week there won't be much left. The Loring loop is now a one-way trail with no exit, must come in from the Caswell side.

Caswell (Pleasant Ridge Riders) reporting that all trails remain open and in good shape. Trail 81A might be closing due to logging, please watch for signs.

Southern Aroostook Report
Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club as I sit down to write this update the outside thermometer is saying it is 2 degrees below zero. Hard to imagine that it is going to be 45 degrees by tomorrow.

Our groomer has been out both Saturday and Sunday nights working on ITS 85. The trail is holding up well, but there is a lot of bare ground in many of the corners. The operator left very early this morning (2:30 AM) to groom our section of 71-D and should be back by mid-morning. ITS 85 N to Masardis will be done tonight and ITS86 will done very early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we will be able to groom our section of ITS 85 south again on Friday night.

The river crossing on Trial 71-A has frozen up again, but riders will need to check it before crossing as the temps go above freezing again.

The future weather forecast beyond the weekend does not look good for snow lovers. Starting on Sunday and every day next week, daytime temps are in the 50s.

There is a good possibility that this maybe the last weekend of riding for this season on our trails.
Spring conditions on all trails EXPECT the UNEXPECTED!

Benedicta Snowgang: After trail reports from club Vice President Keith Sanford, Trail master Patrick Joyce, and former Trail master Stuart Kelley, it has been determined that all Snowgang trails are on "ride at your own risk" status at this time. We will be grooming on a day-to-day basis. Head groomer operator Tim Coombs will determine if trails are still safe to groom as we go forward. Rider and groomer safety will be the priority at this time. As of now we have rocks, stumps, and water bars showing, so reduced speed and caution need to be used. Thanks, Jim.

Linneus Trails are still good, Wally & Jordan groomed last night, 83 South and 105 South the pipeline trail, Trail 1 over by Estrabrook Road into the old pig farm has been plowed in about 1/4 mile, not advised to be over there during the workday.  Just a few days left of riding before next week’s temps will start to take a meltdown.

Patten-Rockabema Snow Rangers have stopped grooming for the season.

Shin Pond is recommending that sledders not take the 3.5 miles 0f 114 to PT18 because the snow is very thin. It is passable but you may want to consider using ITS 81 from PT 18 to club trail 62 as that has more snow due to less traffic. Trails are melting and changing fast. With no snow forecasted this may be the last weekend of groomed trail riding.

On the Social Side:
CHS Class of 2022 will be hosting a hot dog roast on Saturday March 20th from 10-2 at Axle siding. Chili will also be on the menu.


Well we just went out and did some inspections. The warm weather was not kind to our trails. A lot of snirt, dirt corners and not enough material to work with without risking damage to our equipment to really do anything.

So with that said, the trails are passable. There are a lot of areas you can go explore. This is not the time for new or inexperienced riders 😉 There are some sections that will appear flat and fast but you may be met with a culvert, washout, rock etc so use late/early season mentality.

Barring a major storm we will not be grooming anymore this year.

Ride right and Ride safe,
Ben Towle


ATV Enthusiasts Please Remember: It is against the law to operate an ATV, dune buggy, 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycle or any other motor vehicle on snowmobile trails that are funded by the Club/Municipal grant program at any time of the year, unless the landowners have granted permission to do so.

Welcome to our newest feature, an on-line newsletter and report update for our snowmobiling site. We will be providing up-to-date e-mail notification of trail report information, sudden changes in conditions and other relevant information throughout the winter months. If you would like to start receiving our newsletter, please type your e-mail address below and submit it to us.



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