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Special Regulations

These special regulations may apply to waters in any county. Whenever any water is followed by one of the above, you must refer back to this table to determine which special regulations apply.

  • S-1: Closed to the taking of smelts.
  • S-2: No longer used in book - general law permits the taking of smelts through the ice by hook & line only.
  • S-3: Night fishing for smelts permitted; 3 hooks per line permitted, hooks to be not less than 4 inches apart.
  • S-4: Use or possession of live fish as bait is prohibited.
  • S-5: Smelts may be taken at night.
  • S-6: Open to night fishing for smelts, yellow perch, & chubs.
  • S-7: Boundary waters with New Brunswick: See page 30.
  • S-8: Restricted to two lines per person.
  • S-9: Border waters with new Hampshire: See page 31.
  • S-10: Daily bag limit on brook trout: 2 fish: minimum length limit: 12 inches, only 1 may exceed 14 inches.
  • S-11: Two fish daily bag limit in the aggregate of salmon, trout, & togue.
  • S-12: No size or bag limit on bass and pickerel.
  • S-13: No size or bag limit on bass.
  • S-14: Open to the taking of cusk in the nighttime with 5 lines.
  • S-15: Daily bag limit on brook trout: 2 fish: minimum length limit: 10 inches, only 1 may exceed 12 inches.
  • S-16: Daily bag limit on brook trout: 2 fish: minimum length limit; 8 inches.
  • S-17: Minimum length limit on salmon: 16 inches.
  • S-18: Minimum length limit on togue; 16 inches.
  • S-19: Daily limit on trout: 2 fish.
  • S-20: Daily limit on whitefish: 3 fish.
  • S-21: Minimum length limit on trout: 12 inches.
  • S-22: Daily limit on salmon: 1 fish.
  • S-23: Daily limit on togue: 1 fish.
  • S-24: Minimum length limit on brook trout: 10 inches.

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