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Look for the name of the water you wish to fish. If it is not listed, it is closed until January 1 and then open to ice fishing for all fish from January 1 through March 31. (All brooks, streams and rivers are closed to ice fishing unless specifically opened by rule. Any that are open will be listed.)

If the water you wish to fish is listed, the letter code in bold print will direct you to the rules which are in effect. The meanings of the letter codes are as follows:

  • A: Open to ice fishing for all fish except salmon, trout, togue and bass from the time ice forms in the fall until December 31; and then open to ice fishing for all fish from January 1 through March 31.
  • B: Closed to fishing until January 1 and then open to ice fishing for all fish from January 1 through March 31.
  • C: Closed to ice fishing.
  • S: Special rule in effect-see tableat the end of this page. (Note: Special rules may restrict the general provisions set forth for A and B waters.)
  • PT: Special Penobscot County rule in effect-see county rules at the end of the following list of waters.
Bodies of Water
  • Alder Stream Pond, Corinna. A
  • Ambajejus Lake (See Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes)
  • Aroostook River. C
  • Atwood Pond, T5R8. C
  • Ben Annis Pond, Hermon. A
  • Billfish Pond, T6R8. C
  • Bottle Lake, Lakeville Plt. A
  • Bowlin Pond, T5R8. C
  • Bowlin Pond, Little, T5R7. C
  • Branch Lake, South, Seboeis Plt. B, S-14
  • Brooks Pond, Corinna. A
  • Burnt Pond, Clifton (see Hancock County).
  • Butman Pond, Dixmont. A
  • Cambolasse Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Caribou Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Cedar Swamp Pond, Clifton. A
  • Center Pond, Dixmont. A
  • Center Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Chemo Pond, Clifton, Eddington and Bradley. A
  • Cold Stream Pond, Enfield, Lowell and Lincoln. PT-3
  • Cold Stream Pond, Upper, Lincoln. B, S-16
  • Corundel Bog, Corinna. A
  • Cranberry Pond, Clifton. A
  • Crawford (Gould) Pond, Dexter. A
  • Crooked Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Davis Pond, T5R7. C
  • Deasey Pond, T3R7. C
  • Dolby Pond, Millinocket and East Millinocket. A
  • Duck Lake, Lakeville Plt. A
  • East Branch Lake, T3R9. B, PT-8
  • Eddington (Davis) Pond, Eddington, Holden. A
  • Egg Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Escutassis Lake, Little, Burlington. A
  • Etna Pond, Etna, Carmel, Stetson. A
  • Furguson Lake, Millinocket. A
  • Fields Pond, Orrington. A
  • Flatiron Pond, T3R9. A
  • Folsom Lake, Lincoln. A
  • Gardiner Pond, T5R7. C
  • Garland Pond, Garland. A
  • Garland Pond, West, Garland. A, S-16
  • George Pond, Hermon. A
  • Gilbert Flowage, T1R7. A
  • Gould Pond, Dexter. A
  • Grand Lake Seboeis, T7&8R7, A
  • Grand Lake, West (see Washington County).
  • Gray Pond, Plymouth. A
  • Great Works Stream, Bradley. PT-2
  • Green Mountain Pond, T6R6. C
  • Green Pond, Lee and T3R1. A
  • Green Pond, T7R8. C
  • Halfmoon Pond, Corinna. A
  • Hammond Pond, Hampden. A
  • Hatcase Pond, Eddington, Dedham (see Hancock County).
  • Hatch Pond, Alton. A
  • Hathorn Pond, T4R8. C
  • Hay Pond, T6R8. C
  • Hermon Pond, Hermon. A, S-5
  • Hobart Pond, T6R7. C
  • Holbrook Pond, Holden and Eddington. A
  • Holland Pond, Alton. A
  • Hopkins Pond, Clifton, Mariaville (see Hancock County).
  • Horseshoe Lake, Lakeville (also Washington County). A
  • Hot Pond, T6R6 and T6R7. A
  • Ireland Pond, T7R8. C
  • Jerry Pond, Millinocket, TAR7. A
  • Jerry Pond, T5R7. C
  • Jo-Mary Lake, Lower, Middle, Upper, TAR10, T1R10 (see Piscataquis County).
  • Jones Pond, T7R8 & T8R8. B, S-4
  • Junior Lake, T5R1 NBPP. B, S-14
  • Katahdin Lake, T3R8. C
  • Keg Lake, Lakeville Plt. A
  • Kimball Pond, T5R8. C
  • Lane Brook Pond, T6R6. C
  • Lincoln Pond, T4 IP. C
  • Long Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Lost Pond, T7R7. C
  • Lowell Pond, Springfield, Carroll. A
  • Madagascal Pond, Little, T3R1. A
  • Mattagamon Lake, Grand, T6R8WELS. B, S-14
  • Mattamiscontis Lake, Big, T2R9 and T3R9. A
  • Mattamiscontis Lake, Little, T3R9. A
  • Mattanawcook Lake, Lincoln. A
  • Mattawamkeag River, Kingman and Drew. A
  • Messer Pond, T5R8. C
  • Messer Pond, Little, T5R8. C
  • Mill Pond, Lowell. A
  • Mill Privilege Lake, Carroll, T5R1. A
  • Millimagasset Lake, T7R8. PT-5
  • Millinocket Lake, T1R8 and T2R8 (also Piscataquis County). B, S-3, S-14
  • Moose Pond, T3R8. C
  • Moose Pond, T6R7. C
  • Morrell Pond, T6R8 and T7R8. C
  • Mountain Catcher Pond, T6R8. C
  • Mower Pond, Corinna. A
  • Mud Lake, T6R6. C
  • Mud Pond, Drew. A
  • Mud Pond, Old Town. A
  • Mud Pond, Holden. A
  • Nokomis Pond, Newport. A
  • Nollesemic Lake, Hopkins Academy Grant and T3R9. A
  • Number Three Pond, Lee, T3R1. A
  • Olamon Pond, Greenfield. A
  • Otter Chain, Milford. A
  • Passadumkeag River. A. PT-6
  • Patten Pond, Hampden, Newburg. A
  • Peaked Mountain Pond, T4R7. C
  • Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes (includes Elbow, Ambajejus, North and South Twin Lakes), T41P, etc. B, S-3, S-14
  • Penobscot River, Bangor to Millinocket. A, PT-7
  • Pickerel Pond, Alton. A
  • Pickerel Pond, Lowell. A
  • Pickettt Mountain Pond, T6R6 (also Aroostook County). C
  • Pleasant Lake, Stetson. A
  • Pleasant Lake, T6R6. C
  • Plymouth Pond, Plymouth and Stetson. A
  • Puffers Pond (Echo Lake), Dexter. C
  • Pug Pond, Alton. A
  • Pug Lake, Lower, Lakeville Plt. A
  • Pug Lake, Upper, Lakeville Plt. A
  • Pushaw Lake, Glenburn, Orono, Old Town and Hudson. A, S-14
  • Pushaw Pond, Little, Hudson. A
  • Quakish Lake, T3, Indian Purchase and Millinocket. A
  • Ragged Ponds, Lower East, Lower West, Upper East, Upper West, T4, Indian Purchase. C
  • Robar Pond, T4R8. C
  • Robar Pond, Big T4R8. C
  • Rocky Pond, T3R8. C
  • Round Pond, Lee and T3R1. C
  • Round Pond, Little, Lincoln. C
  • Rush Pond, Herseytown, T2R6. A
  • Salmon Stream Lake and Little Salmon Stream Lake, T1R6. A
  • Saponac Lake, Burlington and Grand Falls Plantation. A
  • Sawtelle Deadwater, T6R7 WELS. B, S-16
  • Scraggley Lake, T5R1NBPP. B, S-14
  • Scraggly Lake, T7R8WELS. B, S-14, S-16
  • Sebasticook Lake, Newport. A
  • Shad Pond, T3, Indian Purchase and Millinocket. A
  • Shaw Lake, T5R1 (also Washington County). A
  • Shin Pond, Lower, T6R6, T5R7, & Mt. Chase Plt. PT-4
  • Sly Pond, Kingman. A
  • Silver (Mattakeunk), Lake, Lee. A
  • Smith Pond, T3, Indian Purchase. C
  • Smith Pond, Little, T1R8. C
  • Snag Pond, Lincoln. A
  • Snowshoe Lake, T7R7. A
  • Soldier Pond, T2R7, WELS. A
  • Soper Logan, T6R8. C
  • Soule Pond, T7R8. C
  • South Branch Lake, Seboeis Plt. And T2R8. A
  • Spring Pond, T6R7. C
  • Swetts Pond, Orrington. A
  • Syslodobsis Lake, Upper, Lakeville. B, S-14
  • Tracey Pond, Hermon. A
  • Trout Pond, T2R7 9Soldiertown). C
  • Twin Lakes, North and South (See Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes)
  • Twin Pond, T4R7. C
  • Umcolcus Lake, T7 & 8R6 (see Aroostook County).
  • Unnamed pond in southeast corner of T4R8. C
  • Upper Grassy (Spectacle) Pond, Clifton. A
  • Wadleigh Pond, T4, Indian Purchase. A
  • Wassookeag Lake, Dexter. PT-1
  • Weir Pond, Lee. A, S-16
  • Weymouth Pond, Corinna. A
  • White Horse Lake, T7R7. A

Penobscot County Special Rules
  • PT-1: Wassookeag Lake - Open per Class A is that part easterly and northerly of the Guy H. Hall Memorial Bridge ("Little Wassookeag Lake"). Open per Class B is that part of the lake lying westerly and southerly of the Guy H. Hall Memorial Bridge ("Big Wasookeag Lake") - Daily limit on brook trout: 2 fish; minimum length limit on brook trout: 8 inches. Daily limit on togue: 1 fish; minimum length limit on togue: 20 inches. Closed to ice fishing is that portion of the lake lying 600 feet westerly of the Guy H. Hall Memorial Bridge on Route No. 23, from Dexter to Sangerville, to the southerly shore by the ski slope, thence in a northerly direction to the public picnic area.
  • PT-2: Great Works Stream - Open per Class A from Penobscot River to Big Rock in Bradley.
  • PT-3: Cold Stream Pond - Open per Class B. Restricted to two lines per person. Daily bag limit on salmon, trout, and togue: 3 fish, not to include more than 1 salmon, 2 trout, 2 togue. Minimum length limit on togue: 1 togue must be greater than 18 inches and 1 togue must be between 14 and 18 inches. Closed to night fishing.
  • PT-4: Shin Pond, Lower - Open per Class B. No size or bag limit on bass. Minimum length limit on salmon: 12 inches.
  • PT-5: Millimagasset Lake, T7R8: Open per Class B. Daily limit on salmon, trout and togue: 3 fish, not to include more than 2 salmon, 2 trout, 2 togue. Minimum length limit on brook trout: 12 inches, only 1 may exceed 14 inches.
  • PT-6: Passadumkeag River - Open per class A, except that portion of the river upstream from the confluence with Nicatous Stream is closed to ice fishing.
  • PT-7: Penobscot River - Open per Class A, except that area within 150 feet of any part of the West Enfield Dam (including the fishway): Closed at all times. Daily bag limit on bass: 1 fish between 12 and 15 inches; artificial lures only for bass.
  • PT-8: East Branch Lake - Closed to the taking of bass.

Special Regulations

These special regulations may apply to waters in any county. Whenever any water is followed by one of the above, you must refer back to this table to determine which special regulations apply.

  • S-1: Closed to the taking of smelts.
  • S-2: No longer used in book - general law permits the taking of smelts through the ice by hook & line only.
  • S-3: Night fishing for smelts permitted; 3 hooks per line permitted, hooks to be not less than 4 inches apart.
  • S-4: Use or possession of live fish as bait is prohibited.
  • S-5: Smelts may be taken at night.
  • S-6: Open to night fishing for smelts, yellow perch, & chubs.
  • S-7: Boundary waters with New Brunswick: See page 30.
  • S-8: Restricted to two lines per person.
  • S-9: Border waters with new Hampshire: See page 31.
  • S-10: Daily bag limit on brook trout: 2 fish: minimum length limit: 12 inches, only 1 may exceed 14 inches.
  • S-11: Two fish daily bag limit in the aggregate of salmon, trout, & togue.
  • S-12: No size or bag limit on bass and pickerel.
  • S-13: No size or bag limit on bass.
  • S-14: Open to the taking of cusk in the nighttime with 5 lines.
  • S-15: Daily bag limit on brook trout: 2 fish: minimum length limit: 10 inches, only 1 may exceed 12 inches.
  • S-16: Daily bag limit on brook trout: 2 fish: minimum length limit; 8 inches.
  • S-17: Minimum length limit on salmon: 16 inches.
  • S-18: Minimum length limit on togue; 16 inches.
  • S-19: Daily limit on trout: 2 fish.
  • S-20: Daily limit on whitefish: 3 fish.
  • S-21: Minimum length limit on trout: 12 inches.
  • S-22: Daily limit on salmon: 1 fish.
  • S-23: Daily limit on togue: 1 fish.
  • S-24: Minimum length limit on brook trout: 10 inches.

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