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Laws Pertaining To
Open Water Fishing Licenses
Individual County Information

1. FISHING LICENSE. A person is required to obtain a valid fishing license prior to fishing in inland waters or transporting fish taken from inland waters.
(a) A person is required to keep his/her fishing license with him/her at all times while fishing or transporting fish and must show it to any warden, department employee, guide or landowner upon request.
(b) Possession of fishing tackle in the fields or forest or on the waters or ice of this State without a fishing license is prima facie evidence of fishing in violation of the law.
(c) Maine residents may obtain fishing licenses from any resident license agent. (NOTE: It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit proof of residency.
(d) Non-residents (including aliens) may obtain fishing licenses in person or by mail from the Department office in Augusta or from any of the numerous non-resident license agents throughout the State.
(e) A Maine resident (and members of his immediate family who live with him/her) may fish without a license from his own land if he lives on that particular piece of land and the land is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.
(f) Maine residents under 16 years of age and non-residents under 12 years of age may fish without a license.
(g) In-patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital at Togus may fish without a license within 25 miles of Togus. (NOTE: Patients not under immediate supervision of a hospital representative must have a valid hospital pass while fishing).

2. COMPLIMENTARY LICENSES: (Obtainable at the Department office in Augusta, except that Maine Indians must obtain licenses from their respective tribal headquarters). A free license to fish will be issued, upon application, to
(a) any Maine resident who is blind;
(b) any Maine resident who is 70 years of age or older. (Application may be made at any time during the calendar year of their 70th birthday). (c) any Maine Indian who is a member of the Passamaquoddy, Maliseet or Micmac tribe. (d) any Maine resident who is a war veteran, has a service connected disability of 100% or has served in combat zone AND has a service connected disability of 70% or more. (e) to Maine residents or non-residents (if reciprocal privileges exist in the home state of the non-resident) who are suffering from the loss, or loss of use, of both lower extremities. (f) The Commissioner may, upon application, issue free fishing permits covering groups of patients or inmates at certain State institutions, nursing homes, adult foster care facilities, etc. (Details may be obtained from the Department's Licensing division in Augusta). (g) A free fishing license will be issued, upon application, to any mentally retarded person (as defined in Title 20-A).

(a) A resident license to fish, hunt or trap will be issued, at the appropriate fee, to any person who is serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and is permanently stationed at a military base in Maine (includes spouse and children if they permanently reside with that person).
(b) A resident license to fish or hunt will be issued, at the appropriate fee, to any citizen of a foreign nation under 21 years of age who is living with a family in Maine in connection with any cultural or educational exchange program.
(c) A special combination license to fish and hunt will be issued at the ppropriate fee to any serviceman who is on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and permanently stationed outside of Maine, provided he can show proof that his home of record as recorded in his service record is Maine. (Includes spouse and dependent children).

4. GUIDE'S LICENSE: (a) Any person who receives any form of remuneration for his services in accompanying or assisting others while fishing, hunting, trapping, boating, snowmobiling or camping is required to have a guide's license.

5. CHILDREN'S CAMP LICENSE: This license allows any of the boys or girls who are under 16 years of age to fish in the lake or pond adjacent to the camp. For more information, contact the Licensing Division at 207-287-2571.

6. CAMP TRIP LEADER'S PERMIT: Boys' and girls' camps which conduct trip camping activities within the State must comply with certain laws including a requirement that the staff member in charge of each trip hold a trip leader's permit. There is an initial $18.00 fee for this permit which may then be renewed annually upon payment of $13.00. For further information contact the Deparatment office in Augusta at 207-287-3614.

7. FISHING DERBIES AND BASS TOURNAMENTS: A PERMIT MUST BE OBTAINED prior to conducting a fishing derby or tournament. Special permits and regulations apply to Bass Tournaments. For detailed rules and laws, contact the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department, Fisheries Division, 284 State Street, Station #41, Augusta, Me 04333-0041or call 207-287-5261.

8. ATLANTIC SALMON FISHING REGULATIONS. A special salmon license is required to fish for Atlantic Salmon in all inland waters of the state and certain designated coastal waters. This salmon license is required in addition to a regular fishing license in all inland water. Fees: Resident: $15; Non-resident: $40. Salmon licenses may be purchased from the Fish and Wildlife Department, Augusta office, or from clerks in larger cities, sporting good stores, or regular license agents in the vicinity of the Atlantic salmon rivers.

(Prices do not include the $1 agent fee).


  • 1-DAY FISHING*.....$9
  • 3-DAY FISHING*.....$21
  • SERVICEMAN (resident) COMBINATION**.....$20
  • DUPLICATE (obtained from Clerk who issued original).....$2

A supersport license may be obtained for any of Maine's hunting and fishing licenses for an additional fee of $15. Purchasing a supersport license allows an individual to make a financial contribution toward the management of fish and wild life over and above the normal license fee. * A 1-DAY or 3-DAY fishing license may be exchanged by a Maine resident for a season fishing or combination hunting and fishing license upon payment of the agent's fee, plus the difference between that fee and the fee for the annual license.
**Maine resident permanently stationed outside the State of Maine.


  • 15-DAY FISHING*.....$38
  • 7-DAY FISHING.....$34
  • 3-DAY FISHING.....$21
  • 1-DAY FISHING.....$9
  • JUNIOR FISHING (12-15 YEARS).....$7
  • DUPLICATE (through Department Office in Augusta).....$2

*Non-resident 15-day fishing license may be exchanged for a non-resident season fishing license upon payment of $12.00 plus the agent's fee.
EXPIRATION: Unless otherwise specifically provided, all licenses expire on December 31st of the calendar year for which they were issued.

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