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Scenic spots attract hikers in season

Stacey Meister, a Perham resident who has camped and hiked most of his life in Aroostook County, has a few pieces of advice for scenic drives and hikes in the fall.

One hiking destination he suggests is the top of Haystack Mountain, which is located on Route 163 between Mapleton and Ashland.

Another is Hedgehog Mountain, which is located on Route 11 between Portage and Eagle Lake. "That is a beautiful place to walk and look over the countryside," Meister said.

"You'd want to take a little canteen of fresh water and something like a granola bar to keep the hunger pangs away," he added.

Meister suggests Route 11 south of Patten for a scenic drive: "You can look at Mt. Katahdin when the leaves have all turned, and that's beautiful."

Eco-Tourism in Aroostook County - Aroostook County, the largest county east of the Mississippi River, is known for it's excellent outdoor life. There is a quality of life here that the local folks are proud of. On the following pages, we would like to introduce you to what there is to do and see that would have little or no impact on the environment. Please feel free to browse these pages, or go to the topical index and choose a subject that is of interest to you, and then come enjoy Aroostook County, Maine.

National wildlife refuge planned in Limestone. - The proposed national wildlife refuge at the former Loring Air Force Base could be a boom to the local economy. Interested citizens, town officials in Limestone and Caswell, and area businesses learned of the refuge plans at an informational community meeting Monday, September 25, in Limestone.

Historical sites abound in Southern Aroostook. - Seeking a quiet, relaxing spot away from hustle and bustle? Several such spots exist in southern Aroostook, many with historical significance. President Theodore Roosevelt has a deep connection to the Bible Point, located at the confluence of the west branch of the Mattawamkeag River and First Brook. According to a published history of Island Falls, Roosevelt spent part of each day alone in the woods with a Bible, sitting alone and reflecting. A marker is erected near the spot in Island Falls, and the area has been placed in the state Register of Historic Places.




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