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Individual County Information
IN AROOSTOOK COUNTY: St. Francis River, Glazier Lake, St. John River, Monument Brook, North Lake, The Thoroughfare between North and East Grand Lake and East Grand Lake.

IN WASHINGTON COUNTY; East Grand Lake, Mud Lake, St. Croix River, Spednic Lake, Grand Falls Flowage east of a line between red markers on the St. Croix River below Vanceboro from McAllister's Point and Abbott's Point and St. Croix River Flowage. The following regulations apply on above waters.

OPEN SEASON: April 15 through Sept. 30.

DAILY BAG LIMITS: Daily bag limit on salmon, trout and togue: Five(5) fish, not to include more than 2 salmon and 2 togue, all 5 may be trout. Total weight of these fish not to exceed 7 1/2 pounds (3.5 kg.). Daily bag limit on black bass: April 15 to June 30: 1 fish; July 1 to Sept. 30: 3 fish. Daily limit on smelts: 200; witefish: 8 fish. All other species (except Atlantic salmon): NO LIMITS.

MINIMUM LENGTH LIMITS: Landlocked salmon: 14 inches (35 cm.); Togue: 18 inches (45 cm.); Bass: 10 inches (25 cm.); Trout: 6 inches (15 cm.).

EQUIPMENT: Not more than 1 line per person.

LEGAL HOURS. From two hours before sunrise to tow hours after sunset. Legal fishing hours and open season herein do not apply to the taking of smelt from waters or portions thereof naturally free of ice.

BAIT: Use or possession of spiny-finned fish for bait is prohibited.

EXCEPTIONS: St. Croix River from Unionville bridge line to the Milltown Dam: Fly fishing only. Spednic Lake and the St. Croix River from Mud Lake to Spednic Lake: closed to the taking of bass. East Grand and Spednic Lakes: Daily limit on white perch: 25 fish.

INDIAN TERRITORY As a result of the Maine Indian Claim Settlement Act of 1980, the Indian Tribal-State Commission may adopt fishing rules or regulations for certain waters within or adjacent to Indian territory. At the time of this publication, the Commission has adopted regulations on the following three waters: Round Mountain Pond, T2R5, Franklin County; Alder Stream, T2R5, Franklin County; and East Branch Lake, T3R9, Penobscot County (See listing under appropriate county heading).

Parcels of Indian territory include the following:
Franklin County: Alder Stream Twp., (T2R5). Penobscot County: T2R9 NWP (western portion), T3R9 NWP (eastern portion), T6R8 WELS (western portion), Argyle Twp. (northern portion) and T3R1 NBPP (northern portion). Piscataquis County: T6R8 NWP.

Franklin County: Lowelltown, T1R8 WBKP. Hancock County: T4ND. Somerset County: Holeb T6R1 NBKP, Prentiss, T4R4 NBKP Hammond Twp., T3R4 NBKP, Alder Brook Twp., T3R3 NBKP, Pittston Academy Grant, T2R4 NBKP, Soldiertown Twp., T2R3 NBKP. Penobscot County: T3R9 NWP, T5R1 NBPP, TAR7 WELS. Hancock County: T4ND, T3ND. Washington County: T5 ND BPP, T19 MD, Indian Twp., Pleasant Point in Perry.

Anyone wishing to fish on waters that occur within or adjacent to Indian territory should contact the appropriate Indian agency for further information.

Department of Natural Resources, Old Town, Me 04468. PASSAMAQUODDY TRIBE:
Ranger Department, Box 446, Princeton, ME 04668.

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