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Aroostook County ATV Trail

All trails depicted on this map may be closed for safety, maintenance, or any other reason without prior notice. All trails are seasonal from late spring to fall. For further information please call (207) 287-4958 or (207) 287-2345 Please remember, when you meet other trail members they will judge ALL ATV riders by what you do. Are you leaving a good impression? The trail systems on this map are those where the State of Maine has agreements with landowners for ATV use. Additional areas and many miles of trails are available for use. See contacts listed. Scott Paper Company allows use of registered ATVs on roads not actively used for logging purposes. Logging roads are usually closed to ATV travel. For a current update on posted roads contact:
  • Bingham (207) 672-5512
  • Fairfield (207) 453-2527
  • Greenville (207) 695-2241
  • Johnson Mountain (207) 663-4406
ATVs may operate on Boise Cascade land except on maintained gravel roads around work areas. Guideline: If you can drive a truck or a car on the road it is closed to ATVs. For further information contact (207) 364-4521
Trail Map 1 - Aroostook Valley ATV Trail - These maps are just a basic idea of trails that are easily accessible for you to ride on. Please obey the laws and don't go where you are clearly not allowed. This makes for some bad feelings with the landowners, and nobody needs that.

Trail Map 2 - Houlton to Phair Junction Trail -

Trail Map 3 - South LaGrange to Medford ATV Trail Map -

Trail Map 4 - Mount Blue State Park Map -

Trail Map 5 - Summerhaven Use Area Map -

Trail Map 6 - Jay to Farmington Trail Map -




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