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Here are a few more tips to make your ATV riding safe and enjoyable:

Use antenna flags and wear bright clothing to increase conspicuity.

Use maps and compass if you are riding in an unfamiliar area. Make a mental note of landmarks; you may need them if you are stranded. If you are lost at night, do not move around. You will waste valuable fuel that you can use to ride safety in the daylight.

Carry a first-aid pack with you.

Your vehicle repair kit should include the manufacturer's tool kit as well as some wire, tape, elastic cords, and possibly locking pliers and a tow rope.

Carry some snacks and a water supply with you.

Don't let youngsters ride full-sized ATV's.

Watch out for thin ice which may be camouflaged by snow.

ATV's are designed for off-road use and should not be ridden on pavement.

Tell someone where you're going and when you expect to return.

From the ATV Safety Institute


  • Parents. Youngsters, and ATV's
  • Parents, Youngsters, and Off-Highway Motorcycles
  • How to Form an ATV club
  • A Guide to Oft-Highway Riding video
  • On Target, Oft Road video
Single copies of the publications are available free by contacting ASI at the address below. For larger quantities of the publications or to order a video, contact ASI for prices. ENROLL IN AN ATV RIDER COURSE CALL (800)887-2887 ATV Safety Institute
2 Jenner St., Suite 150
Irvine, Ca. 92718-3812
(714) 727-3727
ATV Institute is a division of the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) Copyright 1991 (SVIA) Reprint by permission only.


  1. Wear protective devices and clothing. Never ride double.
  2. Always tell someone where you're going and when you'll return.
  3. Do not drink alcohol beverages or use other drugs while riding.
  4. Always practice care for the environment.
  5. Know the machine before operating.
  6. Take a safety course before first time operation.
  7. Always directly supervise younger riders.
  8. Always be courteous to others.
  9. Ask permission before riding on another's land.
  10. Obey the laws and rules.
LITTERING It is unlawful to dispose of litter anywhere in this State except in areas or receptacles designed for that purpose.

FIRE PERMITS Using fire outdoors often requires a permit. Check with town fire warden in organized towns and with forest rangers in unorganized territory. Burning debris outdoors without a permit is unlawful. Permits may be obtained from a municipal fire chief, town forest fire warden, or forest ranger.

A List Of ATV Clubs - Join one of the many clubs that keep the trail riding the best there is in Maine. These clubs work hard so you are able to play hard. Let's give them our support.

Liability Laws - Before you take to the fields and tear up some dirt, let's find out what the liabilities would be for such actions. Ride Safe!

Prohibited Acts - So, you think you know everything? Well, there are some thing that you are not allowed to do on that ATV, so take a look befor you ride.

Registration, License and Training - Now you know what to do, here is how to get started. Take a look at these rules and regulations before you head out on an extended ride.

Safe Riding Practices - Ride Safe! The people who are on the trails with you expect to get home safely, and they are watching out for you so please watch out for them. Everyone wins when you Ride Safe!

Summary of ATV Laws - A quick summary of the basic information that would be needed to start your ride in Maine

Summary Of Laws For Those Under 18 Years Old - If you are thinking of coming to Maine, or if you live here, and you are expecting to let the kids have free access to that big machine, maybe you better think again. There are rules and regulations concerning them too you know.

Trail Map 1 - Aroostook Valley ATV Trail - These maps are just a basic idea of trails that are easily accessible for you to ride on. Please obey the laws and don't go where you are clearly not allowed. This makes for some bad feelings with the landowners, and nobody needs that.

Trail Map 2 - Houlton to Phair Junction Trail -

Trail Map 3 - South LaGrange to Medford ATV Trail Map -

Trail Map 4 - Mount Blue State Park Map -

Trail Map 5 - Summerhaven Use Area Map -

Trail Map 6 - Jay to Farmington Trail Map -




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