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No operator's license is required for the operation of an ATV, except as required by Title 29-A.

A person under 16 years of age is required to successfully complete a training program approved by the department prior to operating an ATV on any land other than the land on which that person is domiciled or land owned or leased by that person's parent or guardian. The training program shall include instruction on the safe operation of ATV's, the laws pertaining to ATV's, the effect of ATV's on the environment and ways to minimize that effect, courtesy to landowners and other recreationists and other materials as determined by the department.

No person less than 10 years of age may operate an ATV, except on the land on which that person is domiciled or land owned by that person's parent or guardian.

The annual registration fee for an ATV is $12. (Plus $1 agent fee.)

The ATV Recreation Management Fund of the Department of Conservation recieves $3.85 from each registration.

The commissioner, or an agent designated by the commissioner, may register and assign a registration number to any ATV upon application and payment of an annual fee by the owner. The registration number shall be clearly displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle. A registration shall be valid for one year commencing July 1st of each year.

  • The registration certificate shall be subject to inspection by any law enforcement officer on demand.
  • The registrant shall notify the commissioner if any ATV is destroyed, abandoned, stolen or permanently removed from this State.

Temporary registrations issued by local agents (other than renewals) shall be valid for 60 days; temporary registration plates shall be displayed on the front and rear of the machine in a clearly visible manner until the permanent registration is issued.

ATV's registered with the Secretary of State for farm use under the provisions of Title 29-A, Section 501, subsection 1, paragraph E.(1), do not have to be registered by IF&W.

Agents may charge a service fee of not more than $1 for each ATV registration issued and this service fee shall be retained by the agent.

The holder of any registration certificate issued under this section may obtain a duplicate from the commissioner upon application and payment of a fee of $1.

Whoever transfers the ownership or discontinues the use of a registered all-terrain vehicle shall, within 10 days, properly sign the registration certificate, indicating the disposition of the all-terrain vehicle, and return the certificate to the commissioner.

An ATV owner who transfers ownership or discontinues its use may, within 10 days from the date of transfer or discontinuance, apply to the commissioner for registration of another ATV for a fee of $2 and the registration certificate shall be valid for the remainder of the registration year for which the previous ATV had been registered.

Whenever there is a change of ownership of an ATV for which a registration has previously been issued, the new owner shall apply for a new registration certificate and shall pay the regular $12 fee.

Reciprocity shall be allowed to nonresidents from all states, provinces, countries or districts which allow similiar privilages to residents of this State, provided that they are covered by a valid registration from that state, province, country or district.

ATV's owned by a nonresident but primarily operated by a Maine resident shall be registered under this section.

Nothing in this subsection may be construed to autorize the operation of any ATV contrary to this subchapter.

The commissioner or agents of the commissioner shall act on behalf of the State Tax Assessor to collect the use tax due under Title 36, in respect to any ATV for which an original registration ( any registration other than a renewal by the same owner) is required under this Title at the time and place of registration of that ATV.

An application for registration may not be granted in respect to any ATV the sale or use of which may be subject to tax under Title 36, chapters 211 to 225, except in the case of a renewal of registration by the same owner, until one of the following conditions has been satisfied by the applicant:

1. Submitted a dealers' certificate showing either that the sales tax due in respect to the ATV in question has been collected by the dealer or that the sale of the ATV is exempt from or otherwise not subject to tax under Title 36, chapters 211 to 225;

2. Properly executed and signed a use tax certificate and paid the amount of tax shown in the certificate to be due; or

3. Properly executed and signed a use tax certificate showing that the sale or use of the ATV in question is exempt from or otherwise not subject to tax under Title 36, chapters 211 to 225.

Any person who is in the business of selling ATV's in the State shall register as a dealer and secure a dealer's license from the commissioner. Dealers so registered and licensed need not register individual ATV's.

The fee for a dealer's license is $15/year from each July 1st.

Any dealer licensed under Title 29-A, Section 954, will not be required to pay the $15 license fee.

Dealer's plates shall be provided and obtained as follows:

A. Each registered dealer may receive dealer's number plates for a $5 fee for each plate. [Dealers may obtain up to two plates if they sold fewer than ten vehicles in the previous 12 months, up to three plates if they sold ten or more but less than 20, or up to four plates if they sold more than 20. IF&W Reg. 12.03]

B. Replacement for lost or stolen plates may be obtained (after notifying the commissioner) for a fee of $5 for each plate

The commissioner may issue temporary registration plates and certificates to registered dealers who may, upon the sale or exchange of an ATV, issue them to new owners, in order to allow them to operate ATV's for a period of 20 consecutive days only after the date of sale in lieu of a permanent number as required by this subchapter. The fee for each temporary registration is $1.

Dealers shall display their dealer's number on each ATV being used until the sale of the ATV, whereupon it becomes the owner's responsibility to register the ATV.

Any dealer who offers a warranty in connection with the sale or transfer of a used ATV shall furnish a written statement concerning that warranty. The statement regarding the warranty shall indicate the parts or systems of the vehicle that are covered and those not covered by the warranty and what the dealer will do in the event of a defect and at whose expense.

The dealer shall also furnish before sale a written statement identifying any and all defects known to the dealer and any type of damage that the vehicle has sustained if such information is known to the dealer.

A List Of ATV Clubs - Join one of the many clubs that keep the trail riding the best there is in Maine. These clubs work hard so you are able to play hard. Let's give them our support.

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Safe Riding Practices - Ride Safe! The people who are on the trails with you expect to get home safely, and they are watching out for you so please watch out for them. Everyone wins when you Ride Safe!

Summary of ATV Laws - A quick summary of the basic information that would be needed to start your ride in Maine

Summary Of Laws For Those Under 18 Years Old - If you are thinking of coming to Maine, or if you live here, and you are expecting to let the kids have free access to that big machine, maybe you better think again. There are rules and regulations concerning them too you know.

Trail Map 1 - Aroostook Valley ATV Trail - These maps are just a basic idea of trails that are easily accessible for you to ride on. Please obey the laws and don't go where you are clearly not allowed. This makes for some bad feelings with the landowners, and nobody needs that.

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